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Frequently asked questions

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Ngā pātai auau

Frequently asked questions

For more detailed information read the Consultation Document.

What is the main theme of the proposed ten year plan 2021-2031?

The 10 year plan is about getting the basics right and putting in place strong foundations for the future – that is why there is a focus on increased investment in our infrastructure and services that support all of our people and city to thrive.

What challenges is the 10 year plan 2021-2031 trying to address?

Population growth, ageing infrastructure and assets, a housing crisis; and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change – while also maintaining our financial sustainability.

What priorities for investment are being proposed?

The 10 year plan 2021-2031 sets out proposals across six priorities, including how these would impact the service levels and how much they may all cost – Investing in infrastructure; Caring for and protecting our environment; Increasing housing supply; Supporting an innovative, agile economy and attractive city; Connected communities; and Financial sustainability.

Where will most of the proposed investment be directed?

Most of the proposed investment will be spent on core infrastructure – $582M on our Three Waters network and $353M on transport projects; and there are plans for significant investment in important community infrastructure.

How will Hutt City Council pay for its proposed initiatives over the next 10 years?

The 10 year plan proposes a combination of rates, borrowing and other revenue streams to ensure a balanced approach to paying for services and developments; and ensuring everyday costs are paid for from everyday income.

What is proposed for rates?

The 10 year plan proposes an overall 5.9% increase in rates revenue for 2021/22 with over half of this invested directly back into our Three Waters infrastructure.

What is the impact on households and commercial businesses of the rates increase proposed for 2021/22?

On average the proposed rates increase will be an increase of $2.50 per week per residential household and for an average commercial central property an increase of $15 per week.

Has the Council tried to lessen the proposed increase in rates in any way?

The Council has made savings of $5.2M in the preparation of the 10 year plan which has helped to avoid larger rate increases. $1M equates to about 1% of rates.

How can I have a say?

There are a variety of ways to have your say.

When will the proposed 10 year plan be finalised?

Consultation on the 10 year plan 2021-2031 takes place between Tuesday 6 April 2021 and Thursday 6 May 2021. Following consideration of community feedback, the Mayor and Councillors will confirm the final plan in June 2021.